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Oodles of Voodles

Its National Noodle Month!

Seriously, National Noodle Month, who knew? Who makes up these things anyway? In this ode to the noodle I’ll share my healthy versions of veggie pasta!

Anybody who follows me probably knows I am not really a fan of grains -at all! I know, I know, they’re high in fiber, protein and some would say nutrients and they just taste so good in lovely things like pie! However, there are also several unfortunate things that grains are high in which is why I usually encourage people to drop them.

  1. Digestion blocking lectins - a defense mechanism to encourage grain seed being spread, highly related to inflammation, weight gain and digestive problems.

  2. Gluten and Gliadin- are a major sensitivity for many people - our current wheat has been cultivated to contain super high levels of gluten and gliadin which can exacerbate many autoimmune conditions and can even be related to tooth decay and heart issues.

  3. Carbohydrates- Grains are really high in carbs which most of us don’t need, especially my peri/menopausal friends out there. Those grains are most likely helping to pack those pounds around your middle and encourage those pesky hot flashes and mood swings.

  4. Glyphosate- a cancer causing (yes, it was proven in court) pesticide that is rampantly used in grain production. I won’t even go down this rabbit hole, it’s too big and too wide to adequately explain in a small post, but this stuff is a major contributor to MANY conditions that present in my office.

Even pseudo grains, in my opinion, are not great for every one and for most- only once in a while, they would include quinoa, buckwheat, amaranth and a few others.

So what’s a person to eat for heaven's sake?!?

Veggie noodles!

I’ve made carrot noodles, beet noodles, butternut squash noodles, spiralized potato noodles (not if you’re watching carbs or nightshades), zucchini noodles and many more. There are tons of recipe books on the subject and I suggest, Inspiralize Everything, as it’s fairly adaptable to gluten, dairy free, paleo and even vegan. I started with a hand spiralizer, but quickly moved to an attachment for my cuisinart food processor as I make these in mass quantities. Make sure the attachment is compatible with your model before purchasing. There is also an attachment for the kitchenaid mixer that makes spiralizing veggies a whole lot easier.

Sometimes I add raw spiralized veggies to salads or as a garnish or if I want crunch in the dish I’m preparing. Most of the time I steam them in a metal basket for a very short time- make sure the water line is below the veggie noodles or you will get MUSH! My family’s two favorites are spaghetti squash noodles and zoodles (zuchini noodles).

If you are looking for gluten free but not grain free noodles I particularly like the Tinkyada brand for flavor and how they hold up as well as anything quinoa based seems to hold together better and have a better texture. Authentic Asian rice noodles like maifun also have great texture and mouth feel.

Pack in oodles of voodles and Happy National Noodle Month!


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