Kristy Robinson-Miller, Naturopath,
Master Herbalist, Nutritionist, Digestive Health Specialist,
Life Coach
Traditional Naturopathic Medicine

Hi, I’m Kristy- a Naturopath, Certified Nutritionist, Disgestive Health Specialist, Holistic Health Specialist, Medical Intuitive, Transcendental Life Coach and  a passionate natural lifestyle aficionado. My life’s work is dedicated to empowering people to find their own unique path to true wellness through natural medicine, lifestyle tweaks, emotional healing and most importantly, hope.

Why do I do this?

I do it because it’s my calling, it’s what fills my cup, my purpose in this world and my gift to offer.  I came to it through my son who was very sick as an infant.  I sought multiple pediatric opinions and specialists and came up empty with no “medical” reason for his steady decline.  He was covered with eczema from head to toe.  His face was covered with weeping, bleeding sores. He threw up most of what he ate, he cried nonstop from the pain.  He could not gain weight, he could not sleep for the pain, he often couldn’t breathe laying down flat and would seem to choke.  The only thing I was offered for him was an acid reflux and failure to thrive diagnosis that came complete with toxic meds that ended up damaging my baby.   When the last doctor told me to “go home and love him and let him go.”  I said NO!!!, that’s not good enough!

I walked out and never looked back. I started looking for anything and everything that might help him and I found that in Naturopathic Medicine. 


Not so far down the road from this I developed a strange set of symptoms- no doubt stress and lack of sleep induced as I spent most nights sitting up holding my son so that I was sure he could breathe and to make him as comfortable as possible and most days frantically looking for anything to help him. I started having heart palpitations, losing handfuls of hair, fatigue like I had never known- yet feeling wired when I tried to sleep, sudden weight gain, skin issues and anxiety. 


The heart palpitations were so scary that I ended up in the ER. I was sent home 12 hours later with no explanations.  I went through further heart monitoring, ultrasounds of the heart and lab testing.  The answer that I was given was that nothing was wrong, it must all be in my head and I was given a referral to a counselor. 


What I learned later looking back at those lab results with a now trained eye is that I was suffering from hypothyroid.  I didn’t have a diagnosis then but I had a suspicion and started treating me and my baby naturally.  I got rid of the chemicals, I got food allergy testing for my baby and went on his diet so I could continue to breastfeed him. He was allergic to dust mites so almost all the fabric in our house went bye bye. I used herbs, healing foods, yoga, meditation, prayer and anything else I could find to help us heal. 

That little boy is now taller than me, he started taking college courses the summer of his eighth grade year and graduated high school with honors and  most of his Associate’s Degree completed.  He is  currently pursuing an engineering degree at a University. He is healthy and happy. This was a little boy who’s brain was damaged by pharmaceutical drugs and could not learn to read or write like most children. Now you would never know, testing shows no learning impairments- and THAT we accomplished with love, nutrition, herbs, homeopathics, helpers and hope. 

That is what I want to offer other people- hope!  There are so many healing modalities, so many paths to wellness and yet so many people suffering.  You deserve more than a band-aid, more than a drug to mask your symptoms.  You deserve health.  Whether you are suffering from a mental or a physical condition or a combination.