Services Offered at Oasis Natural Health
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Naturopathic Initial Consultation:  Let's get to know each other-An in depth 90 minute appointment to review your entire health history, current challenges and to explore natural, non invasive options for both recovering and optimizing health.  This consult may include all of the different types of natural therapies that I am trained in, including aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western herbalism, specialized digestive health training,  Nutrition, Life Coaching, Kinesiology and others.  You will leave the office with a protocol and a plan to begin working on the most crucial items that we decide together. This is an interactive process where YOU  are the driver of the vehicle,  I will help you decide how to care for the vehicle you call a body but you are ultimately in control of the journey.  Your input will be valued and respected at every stage. This consult includes a Zyto Balance scan and interpretation should it be desired.


Naturopathic Follow up Consultations:  These vary in time required but all include an evaluation of progress and new steps or changes to goals, diet and supplement protocols.  Some may include training in emotional fitness techniques or advice to achieve goals in that area.  Only 45 min and 60 minute appointments include a Zyto Balance scan if it is desired. 


The majority of clients work with me intensively for 3-6 months and see me between 3 and 4 times before moving to maintenance and are then  able to check in once in a while or yearly for changes or an illness like a cold or flu.  Chronically ill persons or severe illnesses may require more time to progress.  I often say “ if it took 25 years or more to get to this place, it may take a while to reverse it.”  Your body has it’s own pace and healing time, we will respect that and your individual approach every step of the way. 


Life Coaching is about helping people to identify what is getting in their way, assisting them with the motivation and understanding to remove any resistance to change.

Coaching is very action oriented with the goal of guiding you to your own blocks and possible solutions.  Life coaching is also very future oriented with a lot of accountability.  This is for the person highly motivated to move forward and enact change in their life. We are working for BIG BREAKTHROUGHS  and MASSIVE ACTION!