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At This Time:  The office is accepting both in-person and telehealth/phone appointments. 


After booking an appointment you will be emailed the required forms, appointment information and confirmation for your appointment, Thank you for choosing us!!!

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  • An initial consultation consists of several evaluations and may or may not include all of the following:  a nutritional, digestion, hormonal and body system analysis (via muscle testing), and a Zyto Balance scan. The goal is to identify as many sources of stress as we can and to resolve them.  This appointment will last between 1-1/2hours.  You will leave with a customized plan that will include lifestyle and diet recommendations, life coaching suggestions, supplement assessment and more.

  • If you would like the Naturopath to review lab work you must UPLOAD IT into your client portal one week before your appointment.  

  • You should always drink lots of water the day before and day of your appointment.  This assists in proper muscle testing if that procedure is used. 

  • Please bring any medications or supplements you are using with you to the appointment. It is important to bring the actual items and not just pictures or a list.

  • ​A Zyto Balance scan is a painless, noninvasive scan based on galvanic skin response.  The scan takes approximately 5 minutes and provides valuable information about essential biomarkers and specific supplementation and stressors for you. 

  • Wear comfortable clothing and you may choose to bring writing materials as I will probably share a lot of information with you, it may help to take notes!