What you can expect from your appointments:


  •  You can expect integrity, compassion, respect and someone who practices what they teach and recommend.  I am a living, breathing flourishing example of what a healthy lifestyle and trauma healing can be.  I stand up for what I believe, I don't compromise my truth for convenience, popularity or covid.

  • You can expect to be heard.  I will listen and respond to your concerns while looking for root causes, patterns and sources of your symptoms.  I want to help you achieve long term, sustainable healing and tons of energy, not Band-Aids that turn off symptoms.  Symptoms are a warning call from your body or mind that should be listened to, not silenced.

  • You can expect that if I truly believe that I cannot help you I will tell you that and try to find someone who can meet your needs.

  • You can expect a comprehensive review of your health history, nutritional habits, lifestyle, mindset and lab work.  If you choose, at 45 minute and longer appointments you will also receive a zyto balance scan that will assess almost 200 biomarkers and there will be an interpretation of that scan.


  • You can expect to leave the office or appointment with a plan and a protocol to address your concerns. This plan will most likely include, nutrition/food modification, supplement or botanical support if necessary, lifestyle tweaks to optimize your body functions and remove stress and life coaching strategies to alleviate stress/anxiety and address self sabotaging beliefs and behaviors.


  • You can expect a variety of tools from your client portal, all designed to help you succeed!  These include helpful instructional videos, an online food and mood journal, a chat feature where you can clarify instructions or ask quick questions, access to additional classes and resources, a food/nutrition database, metrics tracking and goal and lifestyle change reminders, online dispensary, food database for meal planning and tracking, access to group or individual classes, forms and documents and telehealth appointments. 


  • By following your plan- You can expect progress! Most people see measurable change in mood, health, remission of some symptoms and increase in energy and hope within just a few weeks. Many of my clients have avoided invasive surgeries, procedures or drug therapies by employing natural methods to help their body recover and optimize!