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I am engaging in life again...

I was a mess.  Between terrible brain fog, sleep issues, hormone issues, extreme fatigue, digestive issues, hair loss... I was just a mess.  I sought Kristy out after many years of medical doctors telling me that my health issues and concerns were just a normal part of aging and that I needed to get used to it.  I had arrived at a point in which I was almost bedridden and realized that I had better get busy finding better answers than what my doctor was offering, or I was going to continue dying. 


Kristy has helped me on so many levels and in so many different directions.  MY digestive issues improved within a few days of following her recommendations.  My fatigue, lack of energy, brain fog, ... everything has been on a near constant state of improvement since I sought out her advice.  I no longer feel as if I am slowly dying, but am instead entering the realm of thriving for the first time in decades. 


My greatest benefit is that i am able to be present as "Mom" again.  I am engaging in life again and it is an incredible feeling to recognize how much progress i have made. 


It would be great to offer a conceirge-type text service for questions, etc...  where I could pay for your time, but not necessarily have a face to face or full-on appointment. 


The zyto scan is INVALUABLE.  life style and food recommendations have been spot on and positively impacts both my life and my health. 

 Sara T. 

I'm able to play with my kids again...

 I presented with severe digestive issues

Within just a few weeks I experienced remission of symptoms

Resulting in less time in the bathroom, I have a clear plan, I'm able to play with my kids again, able to exercise, etc.

My favorite things were the food hints and lifestyle recommendations

Sarah R.

My skin has cleared up

I had severe Eczema and hives from heat. In about 8 weeks my skin has cleared up, I have more energy and am learning how to deal with the stress in my life. I'm not embarrassed by the eczema on my face. I also have more energy to do the things I enjoy. I like the zyto scan and the information it gives. I appreciate the recommendations for living a healthy lifestyle and supplements.

Allison S

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