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Finding Fulfillment Tips from Oasis Natural Health

Koach Kristy with 5 ways to create a life of fulfillment, joy, success and loving who you are and what you are doing!

What if this was the month that you fell in love… with your life???

“Ya right,” I hear you saying. “I’m stuck in the house, I’m losing my mind trying to teach my children at home, my spouse/partner is here ALL. DAY. EVERY. DAY! Did I mention COVID?”

All of those things are beyond our control and trying to control them will only make you frustrated and resentful. What CAN you control? You! You and your mindset and your actions are all under your management.

So what would it take to love your life? Really, What would it take? You’ve got to name it to claim it and most people don’t even know what they really want when you get down to it.

We might say all of the regular things, I want financial stability, happy kids, happy partner/spouse/ a beautiful home etc. Inclusive of all of that, what is the big, aching thing we are all searching for? Is it happiness, joy? Those are great road markers and I’m definitely down with both of those, woohoo! However, the big thing beyond that that measures our success and satisfaction comes down to one word.

Fulfillment. It’s what we are all striving for. You can have tons of “success” with ZERO fulfillment. How many wealthy executives are miserable although everything about their lives would be defined as “success” ? Have you ever known that married couple that’s been together for 25 years or more but they spend every evening in different parts of the house tolerating each other or sitting at a beautiful restaurant at dinner on their phones? Technically, they are a success they’ve managed to hold together a marriage for 25 years, but are they fulfilled? Is their relationship fulfilling? Does it fill them with joy and satisfaction? Do you feel fulfilled? If you do,

then joy, happiness, success, all come with that. Some of us feel fulfilled in some areas of our life and not others. So how do we achieve fulfillment in all areas, loving ourselves and our life? Bursting with the joy we spread to everyone else. The answer is different for everyone but the means are usually the same, those who feel fulfilled sum it up like this. They know what they do matters, in every area of their life. They are grateful for what they have and what they do and they are making a difference in the world. They give of themselves generously in a way that has impact and a return of genuine fulfillment.

So how are we going to get there….. Here are 5 ways to Begin creating a life of fulfillment, joy, success and loving who you are and what you are doing!

#1 10 Minutes

  • Give yourself the gift of a minimum of 10 minutes first thing in the morning.

In that 10 minutes you are going to to execute the remaining items. You are going to set your day up for success and fulfillment. Now, you might be saying, but I commute and leave the house at 4:30 am, or I have a newborn, or I have lots of kids who usually wake me up and I’m immediately on parent duty. If you have a newborn you are excused- but make that 10 minutes sometime during the day. I promise, they will take a 10 minute catnap at some point and after getting a shower, make your self-care a priority. If your kids normally wake you up then put yourself to bed 30 minutes to an hour earlier and wake up at least 10 minutes earlier than your earliest kid, or better yet if they are old enough, teach them a morning routine so they can get themselves going for a bit without your direct supervision. We are talking about loving yourself enough to carve out 10 MINUTES!

#2 Gratitude- Open your day with gratitude! This is how you start your 10 minutes. But what do we have to be grateful for right now? If you are able to read this then you have access to the internet and social media- something to be grateful for. You have a way to connect to other people and communities, you also most likely have a home if you’re reading this and maybe even a job or a business. You may have relationships you are grateful for, partners/spouses, siblings, parents, children, friends,

  • As your first foot hits the floor as you get out of bed in the morning say THANK and as the second one hits the floor say YOU!

Now, just who or what are you saying thank you to? Hmmm, that’s the big question, the obvious answers would be your spiritual deity, the Universe, perhaps whomever brought you into this world and if you truly don’t believe in any higher power, energy or creator then thank yourself for the hard work, perseverance that brought you to where you are. Beginning your day in an attitude of gratitude is scientifically shown to change the chemistry of your brain, emotions and a cascading flood of chemical reactions in the body. (

  • Continue your attitude of gratitude by journaling or writing down the things you are grateful for for just a couple minutes. It doesn’t matter if these are the same every day. You are putting your mind into a state of gratitude, that’s what’s important.

#3 One word Intention-

  • Get quiet for one minute and think about what you want to create in your day and summarize that with one word.

Here are some suggestions but you are certainly not limited to anything. Clarity, Clean, Organize, Accomplish, Prioritize, Minimize, Simplify, Cozy, Relax, Rejuvenate. If you’ve been going strong for days and you need a break, make that your solid intention, today is a REST day. That’s your word. If you’re feeling supercharged and motivated today might be an ACCOMPLISH day. What you need or want will change from day to day but setting that one word aligns your brain to that and sets up everything to follow.

#4 Fulfillment- Now let’s go back to that fulfillment thing I mentioned earlier. Life coaches often use an assessment tool called a wheel of life. This is a simple tool that helps you evaluate where you are reaching your target and where you may need to put in some changes and effort to manifest your fulfillment in that area. You can print one to use for yourself here.

Download PDF • 101KB

This is going to take more time to initiate this exercise so perhaps give yourself 30- 60 minutes sometime other than your morning to do this just the first day.

  • I challenge you to fill this out and decide on one area you want to devote your energy.

After determining that, do a little research if necessary and

  • decide on at least one and up to 3 action items you are going to take and then SCHEDULE them.

Right there at the time you make a decision, initiate an irrevocable action towards progress! Make a call, schedule an appointment, write it on a calendar, discuss it with someone in your support team for accountability, make the purchase or order an item you need to execute. Following are some questions to help you determine what tools you need.

  1. Do I need a support person? A counselor, coach, mentor, friend, etc?

  2. Do I need more education? A book, a course, a group class, a workshop?

  3. Do I need a physical item? Do I need physical space, an item I can order or borrow?

  4. Do I need time? Do I need to carve out time to accomplish my hopes, where can I get that? The fact is, we make time for what is important to us.

  5. Do I need to eliminate something? This can be a BIG one!! Do I need to change a relationship or leave one? Do I need to clear clutter so that I have time to devote to important projects instead of cleaning and organizing. Do I need to eliminate an activity, job or group?

  6. What is sucking my time?

Now take those 1-3 action items and execute!

  • Spend one or two minutes every morning evaluating where you are and if modification or a new action is on deck. Execute!

#5. Support your body -

  • drink a large glass of clean water 12 oz or more. This will flush your liver of all the toxins it processed during the night and rehydrate your body. Don’t skip this, it is one of the best things you can do for your health. Add lemon if you desire.

For further resources or to schedule life coaching visit


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