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My top remedy recommendations for viral outbreaks

We’re all a little on edge about this one and it’s not looking so good.  Unfortunately, the fear and stress of worrying about it actually makes you more likely to come down with it should you be exposed so here are a few things you can do to be prepared and perhaps calm you down so that you are super impervious to any illness.  Just kidding but being prepared never hurts and may actually help you avoid illness.

So first thing, if you suspect that you have this dangerous virus get medical attention.  It’s not something to take lightly. 

Second, Exercise, pray, meditate, nourish your body and soul in every way possible right now.  Take whatever probiotic I have recommended for you or purchase a broad spectrum high quality probiotic. Megaspore is a good one as well as hyperbiotics. 

Third, cut the garbage!  Sugar creates an acid environment and feeds viruses and cancer among other things, it creates an acid environment in the body that in turn creates illness.  Eat clean, love your body.

That being said, these are the items I have stocked up on in my home in case and just so you know are some of the most effective remedies for ANY virus.


1. NAC or N-acetyl Cysteine – This a natural amino acid that believe it or not is FDA approved for the treatment of  acetaminophen/drug overdose, certain bronchial infections, and drumroll……. Viral replication inhibition.    Now from a naturopathic standpoint what do we often use this for – to boost glutathione levels and in turn detoxification, brain and head injury and drumroll…viral replication inhibition.  Just to name a few.    This amino acid in medical studies proved to be more effective at inhibiting viral replication than a certain ahem drug (rhymes with AmyLou) with lots of little nasty side effects commonly prescribed for those with the flu (a virus). NAC is approved for dispensation as a medication in hospitals and by doctors.  It’s side effects when used correctly…..none other than a possibility of sensitivity and usually in the aerosolized drug form. So why isn’t it prescribed more?  Well, I’m not really sure other than that little pesky money issue. 



If you want to purchase it through my fullscript dispensary for a discount just message me in the client portal GetHealthie and I will send you the recommendation. 

So what is the dose?  Well for a healthy adult person who believes they may have been exposed or is being proactive according to Dr. Osborne is 2,000mg.  The medicinal dose for an adult who is showing symptoms of viral illness the dose is 4,000-6,000mg, again according to Dr Osborne.

2. Liposomal Vitamin C – Liposomal Vitamin C and Intravenous vitamin C are being used in super high doses in some places to currently treat this illness.  What is a safe dose at home- Usually 4,000-6,000 mg for an adult.  Doses of as little as 200mg have shown to be effective in children in lessening severity of pneumonia and bronchial complications. Some sources advocate that you take as much as you can to tolerance.  I would leave that to your own judgment.  Also, I typically separate doses of Liposomal C to 1500 mg or less every hour or couple of hours to give the body a chance to absorb it.  I find this more effective and less likely to induce bowel issues or other rapid detox purging effects. 



This item is not available in fullscript

3. Natural Antibiotics/Antivirals:  Oil of oregano encapsulated, Liquid Colloidal Silver, Goldenseal. Encapsulated garlic oil or chlorophyll dipped odorless garlic.These are pretty self explanatory.  All of them are very potent antivirals and antibiotics without destroying your gastrointestinal system and much less harmful to your microbiome than prescribed antibiotics.  The dosage depends on the person and what you are using it for.  Contact my office for specific dosages.  Do not take goldenseal if you have low blood pressure or low blood sugar issues without consultation.  


All of these are available through fullscript or some through Nature’s Sunshine.  If you want to purchase it through my fullscript dispensary for a discount just message me in the client portal GetHealthie and I will send you the recommendation. 

 4. Elderberry and Echinacea- Echinacea and Elderberry can both be used to dry up mucous.  The most likely secondary infection related to this particular virus is pneumonia/bronchial complications.  These herbs have been shown to help dry up the excessive mucous that would exacerbate these conditions.  They can also be used preventatively to give your immune system a little boost.   Echinacea needs to be rotated 3 weeks on 1 week off when used as an immune booster so as not to lose effectiveness. 


Can be purchased through fullscript or Nature’s Sunshine

5. Ban Lan Gen -Isatis root is one of the strongest anti-viral herbs in traditional Chinese medicine.  This is currently being used in China to help fight the infection. Reference:

This item can also be ordered through the fullscript dispensary

My last recommendation, hug the people you love, find something you love to do EVERY day and remember to appreciate all the things you do have.

Be well!!


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