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Spring Cleaning- Love your liver this spring!

Spring is the time our body naturally moves into a deep cleaning and detoxification cycle. It’s actually the best time to detox, cleanse or to try to lose weight, not on January 1st when it’s still cold and your body is in storage mode. As the temperature warms so does your body and begins purging. There are several actions that can naturally support this cycle.

Eat seasonally - Think about what foods would naturally be available this time of year. This is not a time for the heavy fruit of fall or root vegetables that were great in the winter. It’s time to think green! Greens are alkalizing, liver friendly and what’s naturally growing and available in the spring.

The first superhero of the season is- Dandelion!! I know, those pesky little critters that muck up your lawn. Those pesky little critters are absolutely perfect, liver tonic! We all need a little liver love! You can try them in a detox tea, tincture, capsule or add dandelion greens to your smoothies, salads or saute them with our next little friend on the list. They aid your liver in clearing out all the leftover residues of your winter overindulgence, increase bile production and get all those digestive juices flowing.

Spring Onions or Ramps- Ramps are a wild onion that grows in the mountains of North America and they are absolutely delish! They are very pungent and a little goes a long way. Many people who have wild ramp patches make up large batches of spring tonic with them. For their short growing season they add them to everything! They provide a large dose of Vitamin A, manganese, antioxidants and sulphur compounds prebiotics (feeds your probiotics) and may protect against bacterial, virus, and yeast infections (1) These used to only be available if you lived in the mountains however, now they are popping up at our local farmers markets as well as my local Wegman’s store usually carries them for a few weeks in the spring.

Stinging nettles- while not something we usually associate with as being pleasant can be an amazing spring allergy tonic and they naturally start popping up exactly when our body needs them. Unless you’re a true forager I suggest using this one in tea, tincture or capsule form to get the most benefit.

Get some alkalizing, spring greens in your body every day in one form or another this spring. If you want to take your natural cleansing cycle to a higher level this is the time to remove processed foods and sugar from your diet and really give your body a break! If you want a predesigned cleanse kit I suggest Perfect Cleanse, by Garden of Life. This is a gentle and easy to follow self directed 10 day cleanse with no stimulant laxatives in it.

If you’d like a custom detox or weight loss plan designed for you, you can schedule an appointment at

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